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General FAQ

Can I send the tool to my friends and colleagues?

We'd be delighted for you to send our tool to your friends and colleagues, and to assist you with this we have created a "Recommend to a Friend" tool so you can forward a brief email direct from our web site.

How does SaleHoo Alert connect to eBay?

SaleHoo Alert is a certified eBay application and has passed eBay's strict developer certification process. We use the eBay API to connect directly to live data in eBay's databases.

Is any adware or any other software bundled in with the application?

We are strongly opposed to the practice of bundling spyware, adware and other software in with supposed "free" softwares. You can be assured that SaleHoo Alert has none of these included.

About SaleHoo Alert

What is SaleHoo Alert and how will it help me?

SaleHoo Alert is an automated eBay search assistant that runs on your desktop letting you know when wholesale auctions are listed. You can load your favorite wholesale searches into SaleHoo Alert and the software will scan eBay as frequently as you wish, so that you can get on with your other work and still never miss a bargain. SaleHoo Alert also pulls a lot of information from eBay and displays relevant results in its own mini-browser, so that you can see everything at a glance.

For a full explanation and demonstration of SaleHoo Alert, view the video tutorials and notes here.

How many different searches can I have going at any time?

You can have up to 20 different search alerts going at any given time.

How do I know when new auctions are listed?

SaleHoo Alert will pop up an alert box in your taskbar when new auctions become available.

Technical FAQ

I am having trouble downloading and installing the software?

Click here for instructions on downloading and running.

Which operating systems will SaleHoo Alert run on?

SaleHoo Alert will function on any Windows operating systems from Windows 98SE onwards. SaleHoo Alert won't run on Mac operating systems unless you have a PC emulator installed.

What do I need to run SaleHoo Alert?

You need a computer running Windows 98SE or above, 5MB disk space for the installation, 128MB Ram and an internet connection (broadband highly recommended).

Can I uninstall the application at any time?

Certainly. To uninstall SaleHoo Alert simply click on your Start Menu -> Programs -> SaleHoo Alert -> Uninstall SaleHoo Alert and follow the prompts.

How big is the download and how long will it take to download?

1.8MB is the size of the file. Estimated times for downloading are as follows:
- Dialup (56Kbps): 4.17 minutes
- Broadband: (512Kbps): 28 seconds

Do I need to be registered with eBay to use SaleHoo Alert?

No. SaleHoo Alert does not require any personal information, you do not need to 'login' and you don't even need an eBay account. However, SaleHoo Alert has an option to take you straight to the sign up page for eBay if you are a new customer and would like to register.

Does SaleHoo Alert store my eBay Username and Password?

No. SaleHoo Alert does NOT store your eBay User ID or Password. You are not required to share this information with us to use SaleHoo Alert.

I have several searches set up. They all count down from 5 minutes. Then say "Fetching data". After that nothing happens and the timer goes back to 5 minutes and starts again.

This is happening as you are searching every 5 minutes which will only bring up new items listed within the past 5 minutes (hence none listed most of the time). You need to increase "automatic mode" to 1 hour so it doesn't search every 5 minutes and instead will search every hour for newly listed items.

Still got questions?

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